Are Preserved Flowers Real Flowers?

Yes! Preserved Flowers are made from natural fresh flowers! Non-toxic, cosmetic grade chemicals are used in the preservation process of flower to maintain its natural beauty, texture and soft natural touch. Preserved Flowers do not wilt like fresh flowers and they usually last up to a year or more!

Why are the Preserved Flowers more costly than Fresh Flowers?

Flower preservation is a tedious and expensive process which uses high grade non-toxic, cosmetic grade chemicals. To ensure preserved flower meet the stringent quality control standards, only the highest quality flowers are used.

How do I care for my preserved roses?

Preserved roses need minimum care, provided the following steps are followed.  * Never water the preserved roses

* Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and heat

* If dust collects after a few months, gently remove it with a duster

* Refrain from removing the roses from the boxes, bouquet or container.

The preserved roses might be damaged in the process of removal.


Are chemicals used in preserved flowers and are they safe?

Yes, only non-toxic and cosmetic grade chemicals are used in the preservation process of roses. The flowers are definitely safe. 

What are the benefits of Preserved Flowers over Fresh Flowers?

* Prolonged Shelf Life: Depending on storage or environmental conditions, preserved flowers can last up to 1 year, whereas fresh flowers typically last a few days. 

* Economical: Longer shelf life means less frequent replacement; reduce cost for your spouse. 

* Re-use as Home Decoration: May even turn the lovely bloom as party decoration for your home. 

* Eco-Friendly: Fresh flowers are neither long-lasting nor eco-friendly. Instead of picking fresh flowers which will ultimately wither in a few days,

why not choose preserved flowers for gifts?

They are both eco-friendly and easy to keep as memento.