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About the brand and its artists

Fleur d or was founded in 2015, since then we helped many customers to celebrate their special moments in life
Our house helps capture the natural beauty in a timeless fashion

Daniel Lapp is a Swiss-Costa Rican artist, who began his career as a design landscaper and later became a skillful wood sculptor who worked with recycled wood sourced from tropical forests of Costa Rica. After several exhibitions between Paris and Switzerland, he diversified and expanded his vision for working with natural roses from South America. He became passionate about exploring the potential of a beautiful flower for his artistic expression.
He learned how to preserve and crystalize roses using various techniques which led to creating real art made out of roses. A pioneer in this medium Daniel has created entirely new collections of contemporary art, ranging from geometric shapes and vivid colors of roses captured in a timeless fashion. His signature piece is an evil eye which can be found in different sizes and color combinations.
His treatment is a secret for now.
“I am not addicted to flowers.
“I just like the way they smell. “

Fleur D'Or took it one step further than your regular flower shop by creating real art from natural roses.
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